Mind. Body. Design. Style.


There’s a subtle shift going on.  We are just beginning to understand that all of the pushing, striving, and excess in recent history has resulted in wonderful lives on one hand, but in unprecedented anxiety, illness and overall malaise on the other.  What science is starting to tell us is that we have neglected an integral part of ourselves, one upon which our ancestors relied heavily–our nonlinear, intuitive, and holistic brilliance.  What to do?  Learn ways to reintegrate and use ALL of our resources.  How?  By opening space in our bodies and minds and LISTENING.

Your body is always giving you information.  Whatever you think gets translated to your body in the form of emotions, which are not mental constructs, but vibrations felt physically.  Simply put, when we live in a state of even mild distress most of the time, our bodies are telling us–often screaming at us–to do something different.  When we don’t hear them, illness (and the aforementioned malaise) set up shop.

Notice above the phrase, “Whatever we THINK gets translated….”  This is another major piece of the puzzle.  Here’s the way it works.  There’s a circumstance in your life.  You have a thought about that circumstance.  That thought leads to an emotion or feeling–remember–that’s a physical sensation in your body.  That feeling is always the driver of your actions.  And, your actions always give you the results you are getting–in everything.  Thoughts are BIG.

Making small shifts in thinking and accessing your body’s wisdom so that you can truly hear yourself, leads to calm confidence and connection with your innate creativity.  Using an exclusive combination of simple core movement, body awareness, and working with you to untangle thought patterns, I help bring you back to the creative, vital, and happy life that is your birthright.  It’s from there that we start to work on the fun stuff–your outward expression of style.

How FUN does that sound?

Stress reduction with Pilates