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We’re all on a journey.  I’m there right along with you.

Do you ever feel as though you’ve done everything right, but somehow, you still don’t feel right?

Maybe you feel like this more often than not.  What I discovered in my life was that the idea of doing everything right had to do with externals–circumstances, other people, rules, the weather–and not much at all to do with making a real connection with myself, of honoring my own deepest truths and what was inside that was waiting to be set free.

When you begin to access your own wide open space, your life changes in wonderful ways.  You learn that in everything you have a choice, and that you can execute those choices from what is real for you, not for anyone else.  You no longer live from a reactive place, but from a certain calm, knowing.  Life flows through you and you attain more peace and vitality, and ultimately a more creative life–one that is about your deepest SELF expression.  I’ll help you get there, then guide you in using this knowledge to show the world your true colors….  Learn more

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There it is. That word. A word that seems to strike fear in so many people. We have become so attuned to constant rumination, busyness, distraction, and the like, that the idea of sitting still, letting everything relax, and actually … Continue reading

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